Woodnotes Guide to the Mutt Email Client

Folgendes kam grad durch die mutt-Announce-Mailingliste:

I’m happy to announce the publication of a manual I’ve been working on for a long time. It’s the Woodnotes Guide to the Mutt Email Client (37 pages) and is available in PDF and HTML. The idea was to present mutt’s capabilities and strengths, and go through the different configuration tasks necessary to use mutt effectively. It’s not comprehensive in any way (mutt.org exists to fill that niche) but I think this guide is accessible and well thought out.

You can find it here: http://therandymon.com/content/view/42/79/

It’s my contribution to the open source community, since I am a writer, not a coder, and wanted to give something back in exchange for all this great software. You are free to do with what you’d like, but I’d appreciate your linking to my site rather than redistributing it, because only by noting whether or not anyone is bothering to download/read it do I get any idea of whether it’s worth updating.

I’ve posted to comp.mail.mutt as well as these two mailing lists; sorry if anyone has received this message twice. I’d love to get a link up on the Muttwiki if someone can help me do so.

Happy mailing – RW

Mutt Also ich als alter mutt-Freund freue mich ja über solche Neuigkeiten. Also hier ist die Seite und das Manual kann als pdf und html runtergeladen werden.