PJ: Album Preview

efroten, einem User vom Pearl Jam-Forum Red-Mosquito hatte das Glück die Hälfte der neuen Platte schon zu hören. Hier sein Bericht:

»I was one lucky bastard today. I was invited to go to a Sony/BMG records meeting in which 6 of the new PJ songs were played for staff. I’m not excactly sure how to describe what I heard, and I didn’t take notes but I will try to describe as much as possible.

1st off, crapshoot IS comatose. As the songs were played each song title was mentioned for the song was played. The last song I heard was Comatose, when it came on I instantly recognized it. Straight up 100%, and it was fucking raw as shit, almost like they recorded it in one take. Even had a little banter at the end of one of the guys saying something like „that was pretty good“ or something like that. The one main thing I remember about it was how huge that openning riff sounded.

These are the rest of the songs they played (i think in this order, I could be wrong about the first two names)…

  • Inside Job
  • Life Wasted
  • Worldwide Suicide
  • Unemployable
  • Parachutes
  • Comatose

edit – looks like i heard Severred Hand, not Inside Job.

I came in the room and the first song was already started, and I remember thinking that if this was pearl jam, they are finally back. Im pretty sure it was inside job, but dont quote me.

Dont remember much of the 1st and 2nd tracks other than they just sounded flat out great. Just really upbeat and hard hitting. And ed sounded really energetic, FINALLY.

Ok, Worldwide Suicide. Let me jsut say that they picked the worst fucking 15 seconds of the song to preview on the radio. This song blew my socks off. You will all realize wednesday, this song is fucking sick.

Unemployable was also great, I think it may have been a tad bit slower than the other tracks, but i dont remember for sure. I only heard these songs once after all.

Parachutes, wow. This was a more acoustic song, almost a ballad. It reminded me a bit of Light Years as far as the tempo goes. And, you may be interested to know that this was the only song that I heard any organ/Boom. There was a little solo a ways in, but I didnt notice any other organ.

Overall, I’m really happy to say that they FINALLY have captured the way they sound live, in the studio. And, Ed sounding energetic as fuck was really exciting. I see why Mike early on was saying that this sounded more like VS. This album is going to be big, I dont know about Green Day big, but its going to sell better than the previous two records did, hands down.

As one of the reps said in the meeting „its good to know we have a pearl jam record we can actually get behind“. Also, I guess the radio station feedback was really great, since I guess they have the track and have heard it, but cant play it. They even mentioned the Indy leak last week.

One sad note, I heard not a single Mike solo anywhere. Hopefully this will be fixed once we hear the rest of the album.«

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